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Crossfit: the enemy of routine

If fitness machines and the loneliness of conventional gyms

If fitness machines, closed spaces, dumbells and the loneliness of conventional gyms bore you, then Crossfit is the sport for you.

Its a new concept of multidisciplinary training based on 60 minute training sessions where you mix resistance, impact, strength and aerobic training from various sports like weightlifting, cardio and gym sessions amongst others. All of this is done in groups of a maximum of 10 people, led by a monitor. The activity is rewarding and it also creates a group bonding effect which encourages people to push themselves. The goal isn’t to reach a certain standard for a competition or to do more than the person next to you, but to feel good about yourself and to know that your body is ready to take on any physical challenge in your day to day life.

The space used is called a “box”. The spaces tend to be warehouses where they set up the machines or the equipment for the areas according to type of activity. The training sessions are called WOD’s  (Workout of the Day).

Another novelty of this sport is that you can sign up for sessions via an app on your mobile or via a webpage, which allows you to organise yourself freely without being tied down to specific  days and hours. There are different levels and it is possible to go there to train by yourself.

Because of all the above factors,  crossfit is growing and is no longer just the specific training programme for police and military corps. It started in the USA under Glen Glassman, a police fitness trainer, who was the first to set up a Box in the West Coast – California.

Currently the crossfitters community is growing daily, because it s about tough training which allows you to see the results in a very short space of time. 

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