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Discover Catalunya through the Tren del Ciment

This is an open-top train: you feel close to nature. It runs for 3.5 kilometres and has 4 stops:  Pobla de Lillet, Pobla Centre, Jardines Artigas and Museu del Ciment-Castellar de n’Hug.The trip lasts about 20 minutes on a 4-carriage diesel train with a passenger capacity of 25 per trip. 


 The first stop is at la Pobla de Lillet, where the tour starts. You can visit the exhibition on  “Industrial and tourist trains in the Llobregat Valley”. This exhibition houses the most typical elements of the train age  and the mining and industrial trains in the valley. 


There are various attractions  at la Pobla Centre, like the Puente Viejo, the oldest bridge over the Llobregat river, the old town, the Santa Maria del Lillet Church, the Romanesque church of Santa Maria de Lillet built in the 9th Century, Lillet castle , the San Miguel roundhouse and the Catllaras range of hills where the Falgars Sanctuary  is situated.


The Tren del Ciment’s third stop is the Ca l’Artigas gardens, designed by Antoni Gaudi at the beginning of the 20th century. These are natural in style, abounding in stone, water and vegetation. Gaudi designed these gardens as a gesture of thanks to the Artigas family for their hospitality during  construction of the Chalet de Catllaras in Pobla. The arbour, the bridge of arches, the waterfall, the grotto, the figures in the bestiary and the sound of running water are part of this walk amidst nature in all her glory. 


The last train stop is at the cement museum which used to be the old Asland cement factory based in Clot de Mor, in the Castellar de n’Hug región. This is a modernist building, with its catalán style vaults and wrought iron frameworks.

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