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La xatonada

The xatonada is a very typical dish of Catalan cuisine, well known for combining three  characteristic ingredients used for its preparation: the raw cod, escarole and  xató’s sauce. It is simple and tasty, so through different recipes we are going to teach as rich as this dish is prepared.


Recipe of xatonada

Salad ingredients:


• 1 escarole.

• 100 gr. desalted cod.

• 100 gr. tuna in oil.

• 6 anchovies.

• 50 gr. green olives.

• 50 gr. black olives.


For the  xató’s sauce

• 15 almonds.

• 15 hazelnuts.

• 1 nyora

• 1 paprika.

• 4 cloves of garlic.

• 3 tomatoes.

• Olive oil.

• 2 tablespoons vinegar


We will prepare a Catalan xatonada , which is a delicious way to eat tasty salad:


1. If you have not purchased cod desalting, the first will remove the salt. To do this we put it in a bowl of water for about 48 hours, changing every 12 hours or so. In this way you will remove salt and have it ready to take the day I go to prepare.


2. Now we xató sauce, as follows: toss the almonds and hazelnuts to bowl mortar, we spread a little salt and chop fine, until they were well crushed to form a thin paste. Then add the dried paprika, peeled, paprika and a little black pepper. We return to crush.


3. Then blanch the tomatoes in hot water, and remove their skin very easily. The chop and cast the mortar. Also peel the garlic and mortar. Then a little oil, vinegar and crush all this again. If you prefer, pass through the blender or grinder. A ready time, let it stand for about two hours.


4. Now let’s prepare xatonada. To do this we take a bowl and chop cod. If you want you can fry or roast a little, then you spread it on the tray.  Later clean well escarole with tap water, drain them and chop the throw also to the source.


5. The rest of ingredients (tuna, anchovies, olives ...) to scatter the power above all else to your liking. The amounts that we offer are indicative, able to put as much quantity as you will like.


6. Finally just have to cover with sauce xató to enjoy this delicious dish.

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